In a rapidly changing world, those who fail to innovate will be left behind. Setup a Startup is providing innovation services for start-ups, helping them grow and scale.

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We provide an appropriate and stable foundation and opportunities to bloom your entrepreneurial ideas by providing the best startup development services.


We provide various consulting services to startups, such as business model development, investment attraction strategy, expansion to new markets strategy, financial model, business plan and other services.


Assessment of innovation capabilities - Development of innovation agenda - Identifying digital opportunities - Creating digital transformation journey - Organization of innovation workshops and hackathons - Scouting for relevant start-ups with compatible business model etc.


Business development and coaching - Preparation for early-stage capital raising and investor relations - Fast-growth support: operations management - Increasing investment readiness Development of the business plan - Development of investor pitch


We support public and private clients to run brainstorming workshops, build prototypes and test ideas and customer appetite, build innovation hubs and ecosystems of national and international scale, build and enroll start-up communities, and create own venture capital arms.

Education and Culture

Development of entrepreneurial minds occurs from the bottom up. It spreads in the form of cultural beliefs and productive personality traits between the young, ambitious, and entrepreneur, creating a future generation of innovators.

Technical and Financial Assistance

Technical assistance to startups may take the form of business, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurial skills development, in addition to intensive acceleration programmes, boot camps, and hackathons.

MSMEs Development and Access to Markets

Setup A Startup works with the entire value chain to connect local enterprises and build their capacity to meet local needs and expand into global markets.

Emerging Technologies

Setup A Startup supports the development of emerging technologies and innovative startups in numerous industries, including services, health, clothing, and tourism.

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