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Emerging Technologies

Setup a Startup is the place that shares ideas, experience, and networks to help others connect, learn, and grow. We celebrate success and learn from failure.

Entrepreneurship And Emerging Technology

In the age of digital disruption and connectivity, developing economies need to innovate and create change at the same speed and scale of worldwide technological progress.

However, political instability, economic uncertainty, poor infrastructure, and governance conditions limit the degree of expansion and innovation that those markets can bring to the economy.

Creating significant and sustainable change in developing economies requires a thorough understanding of the various determinants of innovation at a macroeconomic level, including quality of expertise,  ease of doing business, market demand and risks, access to finance, use of technology, and business laws and regulations.

Setup A Startup collaborates with all stakeholders across the value chain to improve the above determinants and ultimately boost innovation. We assess the level of influence of key stakeholders and utilise it to maximise development outcomes and resources. During the past years, Setup A Startup was able to build and maintain robust relationships with numerous universities, startup incubators, accelerators, and venture capital investors.

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