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Corporate Innovation

Setup a Startup is the place that shares ideas, experience, and networks to help others connect, learn, and grow. We celebrate success and learn from failure.

Corporate Innovation

Business startups and entrepreneurs are catalysts of the innovation ecosystem. Even the most underdeveloped economies can find solutions and drive innovation. They can create something from nothing if we provide the needed assistance, direction, and motivation.

Startups are unpredictable entities that create and explore business opportunities. Our responsibility is to support them in building scalable business models, reducing business risks, facilitating their access to technology, and transforming their ideas into functional entities. These interventions require our projects to meet a high level of commitment and expertise, in addition to the financial capacity to advance the generation of new innovative ideas.

Setup A Startup supports the development of business startups in all stages, from ideation to acceleration. It does so by providing technical and financial assistance at the startup, incubator, and accelerator levels; building a concrete innovation pipeline that can produce more solutions and fuel economic growth.

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