Why we Exist

We exist to champion the African startup ecosystem. Our future depends on our ability to create great companies, drive innovation, and encourage a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem building. We want to live in a continent where technology improves the lives of everyone in every country.

About Us

Setup A Startup is a non for profit organisation that works with communities that support entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem. Our mission is to foster a better and sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem across Africa.

Our activities focus on strengthening organizations and programmes that allow entrepreneurs to develop knowledge and skills, start a new business, or grow an existing one; and strengthening communities to have more supportive environments for entrepreneurs, including policies and practice.

This is done by connecting entrepreneurs and advocates to policymakers so they can educate them about why entrepreneurship matters and how to support it; championing a community-focused model of economic development, focused on the entrepreneur, with the help of ecosystem builders; providing opportunities for aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs to learn how to start and grow their businesses; building more access to capital for entrepreneurs, creating knowledge and actionable guidance for decision-makers; and helping entrepreneur support organizations build programs that serve entrepreneurs.

How We Support Businesses

This comprehensive process includes an on-going series of strategic and tactical meetings, a variety a business development services, business coaching, and other important and unique resources that are all individually tailored to help emerging enterprises achieve their specific short and long-term goals.

through the Investment Readiness Programme, startups are supported over the course of a year, equipping them with the necessary tools and know-how to take businesses to the next level.

We help early-stage businesses develop into financially stable companies by providing the tools, training, and infrastructure that help facilitate smarter, faster startup growth.

Who we Help?

Whether you’re looking to start up, grow your existing business, or wish to scale your company, we can help. Keep in mind that our main objective is to help businesses grow to the point where they need to hire employees in order to continue operating and growing. 

With that being said, not every business is designed to create these types of jobs, nor does every business owner want to hire and manage employees. Therefore, companies seeking to enrol in our program must demonstrate their growth potential to us through our online application. 

Only scalable businesses are eligible to receive our assistance. For those who qualify, we also take into account your willingness to engage in the programme and accept feedback.


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