Fostering a sustainable Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystem across the African continent

We are a community for founders, startups, mentors, investors, and ecosystem leaders. We are curious about the future, want to disrupt the status quo, and believe technology can change the world.

Our focus is connecting and supporting startup ecosystem builders across Africa and the entrepreneurs they serve.

Our mission is to foster a sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem across Africa. We do this through a range of thoughtfully curated events, programmes, network and content.

Setup A Startup is the place that shares ideas, experiences and networks to help others connect, learn, and grow. We celebrate success and learn from failure. A community that wants to help the African startups flourish. We are passionate about helping African entrepreneurs and innovators to thrive. Whether you are a founder starting out, an established CEO, a mentor, an investor or ecosystem builder - we encourage you to join our community.


Helping create and launch scalable startups. From idea generation and validation to growing a team. Find out how to give your startup the best chance of success in its earliest days.


Making it possible to gain traction and turn your startup into a sustainable venture, the way that investors prefer. Setup a Startup help scale investment ready startups.


Connecting startups from across the African continent to those who can help - from mentors and service providers to potential investors within the ecosystem and beyond.


Gear up on skills or find out more.

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